Saturday, February 25, 2012

Episode #44 - Podcast Watching Fool

Saturday,  February 25, 2012

Citron - My Project Page - 300 yards


Modified Lady Eleanor Pattern - My Project Page - 285 yards
Peonies Please Socks - My Project Page - no progress this week
Log Cabin Snuggle - My Project Page - no progress this week

Blue Moon Fiber Arts - PolwarthMy Stash Page  - Done and Plied - 586 yards
Giggle Jelly - Merino & Tussah Silk - My Stash Page - just getting it started

Total Yardage this week: 1,171 yards 
Knitted: 585 yards
Spun: 586 yards
Crochet -

Not counted on Challenge
Knitting for Hire (KFH): 0 yards

Total Yardage To-Date for the February Challenge: 2,616.5 yards
Knitted: 2,030.5 yards
Spun:  586 yards
Crochet: 0 yards

Not counted on Challenge
Knitting for Hire (KFH): 0 yards

Knit Your Stash Challenge - February 2012 - Please tag all your projects with KYS-Feb-2012, post your progress by March 2, 2012, drawing to take place March 3, 2012.


Stash Enhancements

Miscellaneous Stuff
Ravelry Group for the Podcast: Knitting Blooms

Knit-topia Retreat - April 12 - 22, 2012
Ravelry Group for Knitting Retreat: Knit-topia or Knit-topia Website

There are still a couple of spots for mid-week and a few day trip spots. Please contact me if you are interested in attending.

Podcast Sponsor
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  1. I like your new setup, it's very nice! :)

  2. We had a backyard wedding, too! It was lovely and relaxed and the food was awesome.

    Your Citron is gorgeous!

    Regarding saying the pattern name/designer/needle size: I agree with you that needle size is not important. I don't always say needle size on my podcast b/c 1) I don't remember :) and 2) my gauge is loose and not going to be like anyone else. That said, I think that if someone is using really big or really small needles it would be fun to say just for the wow factor. "Wow! She's knitting on size 000! or size 50 something!" Or if you are purposely altering a pattern to have a much looser or tighter gauge, then I think it would be good to say the needle size.

    I like how you put the pattern name in the text bars. Designer is nice to have but as long as it's an easy to find pattern on Ravelry or you've provided a link from shownotes, it's all good.

    I love your show! You provide lots of great info and interesting tidbits.

    Take care,
    Theresa (aka knitsinpublic)

  3. Just discovered your blog! Nice! I'm especially excited about your list of podcasts because I'm looking for a few more ones that I can watch while I'm knitting! Love your Citron and you spin beautifully! I'll probably have to watch more of your episodes but I have to say I'm quite intrigued by the background. Is that all your stash? Hi, hi! I'll be back!